15 March 2007

God Bless You Please, Mrs. Robinson. . .

Today, Starbucks is holding their Second Annual Coffee Break, between 10am and noon. Now, I don't particularly like the drip coffee that they brew in the shops, but it's free. How could I say no to that? Actually, it took a little coaxing from Karen for me to actually go and get it. It was taking away from the time I was spending trying to start the introduction to my thesis, and it was a little bit of a drive to the nearest Starbucks. But. . . now that I'm back, it was well worth it.

I have to say that I like making drip coffee at home and adding my favorite flavored creamer in it, but something about that way they serve it at Starbucks just doesn't do it for me. First off, they don't have flavored creamers - you have to pay extra for flavor shots, and that would have completely defeated the purpose of FREE, so I stuck with sugar and half&half for this cup. The one thing that made up for the fact that the Breakfast Blend isn't that great was that they were giving away free samples of their pastries at the Starbucks at Coliseum Central. I went with the blueberry muffin and the tazo chai bar. I would have taken more, but they limited it to only two per customer.

Other things I encountered on my adventure:
  • Shiny chrome spinners on a Chrysler mini-van
  • Mrs. Robinson - Simon and Garfunkel
  • Four F-22s taking off from Langley AFB

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