19 March 2007

Competition Round-up

Alright, here's a quick round up of the upcoming food-blogging competitions that I've decided to participate in:

Waiter, There's something in my . . . Easter Basket! (WTSIM #3)- Hosted by thepassionatecook
Food Fight: Eggs (FF#1) - Hosted by Eating out Loud
Fish & Quips: Is English food a joke? (one off) - Hosted by Becks & Posh

You can find a lot more over at Is My Blog Burning?, but these are the ones that I've decided to spend a little time on. Actually, not much time, but I thought it would be fun. Anyone have any good ideas on English food (aside from fish and chips)?

Oh.. Happy eating.. and happy cooking!

1 comment:

Allen of EOL said...

Hey there -- this is Allen from Eating Out Loud. I noticed that you'll be participating in the Food Fight -- hooray! I've been concerned that it might be a slow event, because it's my first one.

I look forward to your submission -- bring on your best egg dish :-)