07 March 2007

feeding my addiction. . .

I've forgotten to post about only the best website for food EVER! TASTESPOTTING! Ok, so yes, there's a link to the website on the side bar over there ---> (to the right), but that hardly does justice to the complete awesomeness of Tastespotting.

Here's all you need to know about it. . . Tastespotting is the food-obsessed brainchild of notcot.org (or is it notcot.com? In either case, both are very cool sites.), and its sole purpose in life is to deprive my day of any useful or productive work toward my thesis. It allows registered users (a group of which I can proudly - or shamefully - say that I am a member) to post pictures of and links to food related items all over the internet. It links random web-surfers who like to eat food to crafty bloggers who love to make food (and photograph it to no end - yay for food p**n!). If you don't have time to check all the wonderful food blogs out there (I, personally, subscribe to at least 20 - 10 of which have new posts every day), then it's a wonderful site that gives you small tidbits of information under each picture, and you can choose for yourself if you want more information.

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sarah said...

hey hey!

thanks so much for the love! glad to know that we're, umm..uh...feeding your addiction :)

looking forward to seeing more gorgeousdelicious submissions from you!