28 February 2007

What kind of crab?

Only the best kind of crab! She crab!

I splurged a little the last time I went to the market (as a result of the therapy shopping I was doing this past weekend). Ben's deprived me of having dinner with him everyday (and, thus, also depriving me of daily gym time), so I had to be able to make dinner for myself. Which leads me too. . . Charleston She-Crab Crab Soup. Now, being made from the superior crab gender, it had to be good, right? Well. . . maybe not. It didn't have chowder consistency that I was expecting. It lacked in salt, which is easily solvable, but not my cup of tea. And the worst part (aside from me burning my toast) was that it looked like the aftermath of a bad night out with Sarv. I mean, sadly enough, the best part of my dinner was the burnt toast - tomato basil loaf courtesy of Panera Bread.

On a happier note, mom's back from her two month trip to Vietnam. And guess what she brought back for me? (Other than her un-ending love for her youngest daughter). COOKBOOKS! Granted, they're all in Vietnamese and it'll take me hours to translate them in my head (with my oh-so-basic knowledge of my native tongue ::sigh::), but it's one step closer to making those authentic Vietnamese dishes I always loved eating but was never taught how to make. I don't know when I'll ever see them, seeing as how it takes forever for them to mail me stuff from over there (---> Orange County). Perhaps it'll come in the mail with that thing I asked my dad for so that I can go join the Y.

And on an even happier note: Ben made me dinner yesterday! He made baked chicken pasta from one of his new W-S cookbooks. It was scrumptious! But, we - or rather, HE - has leftovers enough for a month. Instead of listening to me and scaling down the recipe, he decided to make the whole batch in order to have leftovers. Well, the recipe said "Serves 6-8", but what they really means was "Serves 6-8 small Sumo Wrestlers." I mean, in the little 1.5 quart baking dish there was enough for at least 3 good sized humans. And we had half of it full and still the medium 3 quart baking dish still untouched. Well, at least it was YUMMY!

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