23 February 2007

Do you like seafood? See? FOOD!

Wednesday was the start of Lent. Aside from self-sacrifice and the need to inconvenience myself as a form of penance and preparation for the most important Sunday of the Year, it's also a good time to get creative with seafood and tofu recipes. I've decided to try out some recipes courtesy of Rasa Malaysia and My Husband Cooks.

Seafood dish #1: SHRIMP ROLLS! I had some frozen shrimp that needed to get used. So, out they came. The rolling wasn't my favorite thing to do, since the wonton wrappers were a bit on the small side for the shrimp that I used, but they turned out pretty nice. I haven't fried them yet because I just didn't want to eat them. Weird. Does all the prep work to make something and then doesn't finish? Apparently, I do. I'll make some tonight as a sort of appetizer for dinner. The rest will just sit pretty in the freezer, buddied up with the leftover crab rangoon that I didn't fry up. Which brings me to. . .

Seafood dish #2: CRAB RANGOON! I actually did fry up some of these for Ben. I know he likes them, so I decided to bring some over to him since he was cooking me dinner. I had issues with wrapping them the traditional way, so I got a little creative and did two different wrapping styles. They turned out great, drizzled in honey and sprinkled with sesame seeds. They weren't as spicy as I was hoping they would be, but that can be easily remedied next time around.

So perhaps not the healthiest of dishes, but who said anything about being healthy? The only criteria was that they not contain meat (in the beef, pork, poultry, etc. sense of the word). I even made myself a tuna-melt-ish sandwich for lunch today. I didn't have a chance to take a picture of it this morning, but just imagine tuna with roasted red peppers sandwiched in asiago cheese focaccia with provolone and baby spinach, cooked in a panini press. I can't wait for lunch!

There will definitely be more seafood to come. Seared scallops? Blackened salmon? Steamed tilapia? The possibilities are ENDLESS!

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