16 February 2007


NOTE: This blog is supposed to be mainly about my adventures with food - cooking, eating, experimenting, etc. This first post, however, has little to do with food because I don't have anything to share, just yet, and because I thought I would first introduce myself. I promise that this will be the only post in this entire blog that does not have to do with food. It's an introduction.

Scanning the internet for recipes and other culinary ideas is something that I do on a daily basis (for more hours than I should admit). So, it's safe to assume that I've stumbled upon some of the best, most spectacular food blogs out there. As someone who enjoys cooking (and feels like she should have gone to culinary school rather than get her B.S. in engineering), I thought I would start making my little dent on the culinary world. Sure, I won't be trying out for Top Chef anytime soon (casting calls have come to a close for season three already anyway), but I can still make a mean ham&spinach quiche and velvet cake (sans red because I didn't have any food coloring that day).

My culinary adventures may take several forms and shapes - from prix fixe meals during Restaurant Week (the only time I can afford some of these places) to everyday home-cooked meals for me and my beau, and from simple meals (hello Sunday morning blueberry pancakes) to five course dinners (a la A Chef's Kitchen). I may also throw in other food-related blogs, such as the random kitchen accessories -- like the to-die-for Kyocera ceramic knife Karen got for Christmas (and I wanted to keep for myself) -- or favorite Food Network TV Shows -- like the ever beautiful Giada DiLaurentis' Everyday Italian (so jealous).

In any case, this is my blog about food and all things related to food. Now, it may never be as worldly as The Traveler's Lunchbox or as witty as the delicious life, but it's mine. And I hope you like it.

ONE LAST THING: sugercane kumquats - you press them together and pure the juice (minus all the pulp) over ice. A favorite summer drink of my childhood.

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KXL said...

You shouldn't be jealous of Giada - she's our hero. We're suppose to, like, look up to her.