23 April 2007

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!

My good friend Jeremy has recently quit his job at CRDF to move back home (to Kentucky) for the next few months before starting the next chapter of his life (as a male gigolo, making house-calls in the Bible Belt - coming to a town near you!). He was also participating in a half-Ironman race this past weekend our at Lake Anna, so we all decided to camp out to support him (and to take advantage of the first warm, beautiful weekend we've had in a while). As with all camping experiences (without a Dutch oven), food is hardly gourmet, but we managed to put together a decent menu. I wasn't able to get pictures of everything (since I didn't have a camera), but here are some shots from Sharon and Karen.

What's camping without a nice fire and s'mores. The picture above is of the biscuits we made on Sunday morning. Jeremy had the bright idea of making biscuits over coals by wrapping them in foil. The burned a little bit, but they still tasted delicious (or atleast as delicious and Pillsbury biscuits can taste).

Here's Karen making us breakfast. This is after Jeremy had already left to start his race. No one was up in time to see the start, but we all headed out there for the finish (and to just chill on the "beach"). We had eggs and bacon that first morning. Some of us had woken up before everyone else, and the camping stoves weren't out yet (or the spatula) and we didn't know where they were. We ended up using a pan on top of the fire and cooking eggs and bacon that way. And, without a spatula, we had to flip the bacon with sticks. It was rather caveman like (but interesting nonetheless). Once everyone was up, we found the camping stoves and the spatula and were able to make scrambled eggs and bacon. And Tom even made French Toast. YUM! (I didn't actually eat any of the french toast, but it looked good.

Oh. Here's a collection of some of the alcohol that we brought along. This doesn't even account for the cases and cases of beer that is stashed away in the coolers (or in the tents). I don't even know if we put a dent in the amount of alcohol that was brought. I'm sure people had to take home cases of beer and bottles of wine (I took home two). We did bring a bear out to Jeremy for when he finished the race (6 hours and 40 minutes after he started) per his request. Dinner consisted of burgers and hotdogs cooked either over fire or over coals.

Dinner Saturday night consisted of hotdogs and hamburgers and a Sharon's classic rock on shuffle (with an interjection every few minutes or so of "Where's the mustard?"). It was a good time, considering everyone was actually together for a meal. Lots of interesting conversations about all sorts of things came up.

Here's a picture of me and Ben, eating breakfast on Sunday (egg sandwich) with Jeremy's two dogs (Maggie and Carly) trying to catch fallen scraps. Jeremy has them on a strict diet though, so no human food for them. All in all, it was a fun camping trip. I got to go mountain bike riding with Ben, and I even have a battle-scar to show for it (I fell on top of my bike - not even off it - trying to get back on AFTER we had gone through the hardest part of the trail). We'll definitely go camping again before the summer is over and I have to move back to Cali.

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