24 April 2007

water, water... EVERYWHERE!

My sister is wonderful. Whenever she's out and sees something that she thinks is cool and that she thinks I'll like, she'll buy it (granted it doesn't cost some obscene amount of money). For instance, she got me this wickedly awesome water bottle from Hydracoach. It calculates your ideal water intake based on your weight (mine is 54 oz. in 24 hours) and then monitors how much water you've drank during the day and what percentage of your goal you have reached. It's really cool. Unfortunately, since it's sitting here, I keep drinking out of it. As a result, I usually have to visit the john every thirty minutes or so. At least I know that I'm getting enough water. That's always a good start to a healthy lifestyle.

1 comment:

Nhan said...

i'm gonna use this as my patron bottle, brilliant!