04 September 2007

Good-bye Virginia: Part 1

At this moment, I am in a state of limbo. In betweens homes - "Good bye Hampton. Hello California!". At the end of my educational career (if this thesis ever gets finished and defended). Single (technically, but not emotionally). And in whatever other states of limbo you want to insert -->here<--.

These last few weeks on the East coast should be eventful. Anni was visiting for a couple weeks. We went to Busch Gardens, got our nails done, went to Colonial Williamsburg. . . and then she spent a week inside because I had to go to work and didn't have a car to leave with her. Off to DC! The last weekend of her vacation was eventful, and made up for her week stuck inside. We went cell phone hunting (because I had washed mine a few days earlier and needed a new one). We went to the National Museum for the American Indians. We went to Georgetown. We went to the National Aquarium (and would never go back). We went to the first annual Rockville Wine Festival. And we sat out in front of the Capitol Building to listen to the NSO. It was very nice. Now she's off, back home to California, where people are missing her and ecstatic that she'll finally be home.

As for me, I've finished the latest draft of my thesis this morning, meeting with AC tomorrow to discuss some questions that I had with it. Hopefully just a couple more minor edits, and then I'll be able to submit and schedule a defense date. And hopefully that defense date will be some time in early October, so Karen and I can spend Columbus Day Weekend in NYC! The rest of my stay in DC should be nice, since I'm going to try to get as much east coast friend time in before I leave as possible. Let's see. Hair appt on Thursday. Going to check out the Washington National Cathedral sometime next week (probably Monday). Watch Karen get sold to the highest bidder at a Charity Date Auction next Wednesday. Finishing my thesis in between these times, and probably working on the presentation as well.

Then back to California I go. I'm excited to be going back. I haven't been back to California since Easter, and I really miss all my friends and family out there. Of course, I'll miss the friends that I've made here as well, but since I'm in career limbo, I might be back. I would like to be back if it weren't for the heartbreak I would have to endure again in December. I suppose explanations may be in order, but I'd rather not give them. I'll just leave it at this. Ours was a break-up of circumstances and not because one of us wronged the other.

Anyway, I think that's enough for now. I'm watching 28 Days Later, and can't afford any distractions. Till next time.


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