06 July 2007

GO, Speed Racer, GO!

Now...... STOP!!! I couldn't believe I got a ticket this morning. AGAIN!!! I decided to take a different route to work this morning so that I could stop by one of the cheap gas stations (saving $0.10/gallon) since I was running low (Hello, little orange light next to the picture of the gas pump). Anywho.. surprise surprise, there was a "little" police officer on his motorized bike poised and ready to pull me over. Apparently, I was going 46mph in 35mph zone. LAME! So, instead of saving $1.30 on gas by going to this gas station rather than the 7-Eleven by the house, I have to pay this stupid ticket.

In other news.. this week has pretty much sucked. I've been in one of those moods for the last few days, and it really sucks. Hopefully it passes soon, or else heads will roll.. ROLL, I say!

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