12 June 2007

Tuesday... and why I've avoided the dentist for so long

Well.. it's Thursday, which means tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! and then it's SATURDAY!!! and Tran gets to SLEEP IN!!!! I don't even have a real job, and I still dread coming in everyday. Not to mention that my advisor has FINALLY given me some sort of timeline for my thesis submission (which requires that I get a rough draft to him in three weeks.. YAY!).

Anywho, I had a dentist appointment on Tuesday. The last time I went to the dentist was probably about six years ago, a year or so after I had my braces taken off. Anywho, I hate going to the dentist. It's such an uninviting environment (at least all the dentists I ever went to as a kid) and brings back memories of pain and scoldings ("I told you not to eat so much candy!" says Mom.). Well, I wasn't surprised to find out that my teeth were in need of some serious cleaning. What surprised me was how severe the damage was, and how much it was going to break the bank. Seriously? $835 to clean my teeth?!?!?! Being someone who wants to keep my teeth for as long as possible, decided that my uninsured mouth needed the cleaning (of course, it helped that the both the dental hygienist and the dentist recommended this deep cleaning to prevent periodontal disease, which I was showing early signs of). So, I have three dentist appointments in August (that's the earliest they could see me). First to numb one side of my mouth and clean; second to numb the other side and clean; and third, just to see how my mouth is liking its new clean-feeling. It's a pain, but at least this dental office is a million times nicer and more inviting than any I ever went to as a kid. And, on the bright side of things, NO CAVITIES!!!

And.. the other bothersome thing in my life (aside from the dentist and having to sacrifice all the fun things I wanted to do to be able to pay the dentist)... the THESIS! Testing, hopefully, to be completed by June 19 (Tuesday). Buckle down on writing so that I have a rough draft to Dr. Cutler by July 3 (Wednesday). Enjoy my one day off by sleeping in and laying around the house. Get first set of revisions back, and give another copy to Dr. C. by July 18 (Wednesday). More revisions, and "final" copy to Dr. C. by July 31 (before he leaves for England for the ENTIRE month of August). Get final revisions back while he's away, and submit final FINAL thesis to committee by August 17 (Friday) so that I can defend when Dr. Cutler returns from holiday (hopefully August 31 - which is the day I also have to move out of my house). I suppose it's crunch time now. YAY!

I kinda just want this all to be over. To bypass the getting a job thing and just have a job already. Settle and continue on with the rest of my life (for the next few years or so). And I'm only 23. Man.. the real world is going to kick me in the ass when I'm finally out there.


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